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Confident girl in superhero cape
Confident girl in superhero cape

Coming out of our collective hibernation may be a shock to the system. How can we bounce back and move forward with courage?

While some of us will be bursting with energy and raring to go bounding into the next chapter, there will be others feeling a sense of trepidation about getting back out in to the world. It’s only natural – whether we like it or not, by now we have grown somewhat accustomed to this way of living. Its easy to say introverts would have loved it and extroverts will have suffered; we are more complicated creatures than that. We thought we’d help you along the way with some support and guidance. 


As restrictions start to lift, invitations to picnics; garden parties; birthdays and get-togethers will come in thick and fast. Yes! You’ll think. I can’t wait to see this person. And that person. And that person! I can see it now – the diary filling up with the social life we’ve forsaken. Of course you should go out and see your friends but keep checking in on yourself. Is it too much? Are you feeling overwhelmed? It’s okay to step back and build your life back slowly. Give yourself the time to readjust. You might find yourself saying odd things and second guessing yourself. Believe me, we all are. Take it easy on yourself. Take it slow.


Image with quote: "Do voice exercises every day to improve your public speaking. This small change will increase your confidence and totally change your life" Nicky Davin

As an actor who trained at drama school, I can tell you that voice work is a holistic practice. It’s not just about having a big loud bellow to shout about town – it’s about creating a quiet inner confidence using physical and mental techniques. I carry my training with me everywhere I go.

This kind of work is integrated – and life changing. I was delighted to learn that Colomba had created a fantastic course with public speaking expert, Nicky Davin. Its the kind of thing that can shape-shift and enhance your life in ways you may not initially think of, and could be just the ticket to help you with a tricky transition. I’d highly recommend checking it out – it could be the key to that door you’ve been staring down.

“Do voice exercises every day to improve your public speaking. This small change will increase your confidence and totally change your life, improve your relationships and benefit your business. This is a skill you can learn, not one that you are necessarily born with.”

Nicky Davin


What?! I’ve been inside for a year! Let me out! Don’t worry, I don’t mean go inside your house (although re: taking it slow – you might need to opt for a night in every so often!) What I mean is, go inside your body. When we are feeling fraught it’s the last thing we want to do. Emotions will be running high, people might seem a little wired and intense, it might be stressful – so remember to check in with yourself. Sit quietly and feel into your body. Perhaps a guided meditation will help you do this. When we experience change, its easy to get into our heads and stay there. So my advice is, take a moment, tune in to the body, and listen to its wisdom. Once you feel grounded in yourself, you’ll be better equipped to tackle the world outside – and enjoy it!


Getting back out there feels to me a bit like getting ready for a close up, so I turned to friend of Colomba Magdalena Smolarska for advice.

“As a Sussex professional photographer and a business owner wearing many hats, I have been reminded (again and again) to take a deep breath! I sometimes get so caught up in my photoshoots that I’ll notice I’m holding my breathing fully. But that’s not good. That makes you stressed and uptight. So I remind myself and my clients to breathe fully to calm the nervous system. As cheesy as it sounds, it really works. A simple breathing technique can do magic. Trust me.  Deep-breathing is the fastest way to balance and relax before facing the camera and pressing the record button. You want to make sure that you’re taking in deep breaths, and not breathing in a shallow way. I see so many of my clients holding their breath during the photo & filming session and one of my roles is to gently remind them to pause and take a deep breath. When you’re experiencing a lot of nerves in front of the camera, you’re stuck in your head. If you can relax and bring yourself into your chest and your heart it helps you become more peaceful, less anxious and much more relaxed.”

You heard the lady, take a deep breath – and step into the next chapter. We’ll be with you all the way.

How are you feeling about the next step? Share your thoughts feeling and ideas with us below in the comments, or on social media. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I LOVE that you mentioned to take it slow. That is such an important reminder with everything opening back up. Thank you for this post!

  2. Each of these were excellent tips on how to reboot. I especially love, go inside of you.

  3. I really needed this today

    1. Glad to hear it Jimmy 🙂

  4. Slowing down and remembering to breathe are important steps to take for boosting confidence.

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