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WELLBEING? It’s More Than Just Green Juice

Wellbeing is more than just green juice
Wellbeing is more than just green juice

‘Veganuary’, Dry January, New Year New You Diet – it’s all very well, but perhaps its time to take a more holistic view…

By Lia Burge Rogers

Personally, I’m no stranger to the toxic cycle – pollute and detox, over and over. The cycle itself is toxic. And one of the hardest patterns to break. The diet industry has taught us well, but with the right work and determination we can teach ourselves another way. January is one of the hardest months to get through so, when you think about it, what an absolutely insane period in which to give yourself a hard time! There is always going to be indulgence over the festive period, but that doesn’t mean instant detox is required. Be gentle with yourself. Listen to your body, ease in to the new year. If its cold where you are, the last thing your body needs is salad! There are wholesome, filling meals with nutritious ingredients to cook up and make you feel wonderful. I’m absolutely loving The Happy Pear recipe book at the moment (special mention for the Vietnamese Almond Curry!)

New You, New Workout?

We are bombarded with exercise regimes that promise the perfect body and mind. Well, one man’s perfect is another man’s injured and miserable. Think carefully about what you are trying to achieve and why. What do you really enjoy doing? What will make you feel good? Well. Happy.

Love being outside? Break that walk out into a little jog and see how it feels. Love to dance? Try one of Colomba’s fantastic dance courses. Want to soothe your nervous system? Try Qigong with the fabulous Michael MacBean

Lifelong habitual change

Starting the year with ‘a change’ is embedded in our psyches, and that’s no bad thing. We want to challenge ourselves to be better. I bet you can do yoga for 30 days straight, sign up for a marathon and take a break from the booze – wonderful! You’ll feel great! But I’m interested a more difficult detox challenge this year: Lifelong habitual change. This is continuous, quiet work. This is tackling the things you are afraid of one step at a time, this is failing to change your behaviour and trying again and again.

What we really need to detox from is the self-loathing and doubt that keeps us thinking we need to do the next drastic thing. We have a horrible time and then beat ourselves up for not being good enough. That is not what wellbeing is about. It’s about love. Self love. And acceptance. If you’ve pledged to have a phone detox and pick it up to check Facebook, don’t get angry with yourself! You’re human! It’s a habit – just put it down and try again. New Years Resolutions should be things you genuinely want for yourself, that you manifest in your quiet perseverance, again and again.

So, my advice is to detox from ‘detox’. Run, but wrap up warm and take it steady. Eat well, but tune into your body and make sure its truly nourishing. Set out your intentions, but accept you will have to do this over and over. Happy New Year. We look forward to being a part of your journey.

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15 thoughts on “WELLBEING? It’s More Than Just Green Juice

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing such a detailed and accurate information

  2. I really agree with you and your article. It is not one habit but a series of changes.

  3. The best things I ever did for myself were to adopt a meal prep lifestyle, 8 years ago and to get a Beachbody subscription. Now my focus is on health and I’m not overwhelmed my the options available.

  4. I appreciate your approach. I set a few realistic goals for 2021, giving myself grace where I’m bound to fall off the wagon some days, and hoping I create healthier habits going forward rather than temporary change.

  5. We need to “Detox from Detox” are the words for 2021. Health is a complete state of physical, mental and spiritual 🙏.

  6. This is a great, well-written article! I agree that lifelong habitual change is what more of us should strive for. Although it is quiet work that takes time to achieve, the long-term benefits are absolutely worth it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I do need to make a forever change. I always feel terrible after the holidays because I eat junk… and then I have no motivation to get back to my routine. The key is to make a life change. Thanks for the reminder. Hopefully next year I won’t find myself in the same place.

    1. Good Luck Carrie! We wish you the best 🙂

  8. So much yes! It’s unfair to keep pressuring ourselves to keep chasing the latest wellness or self-development fad, especially when our external environment is chaotic (such as all of 2020). Sometimes being healthy means accepting who we are in the current moment, warts and all.

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