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YOU NEED A HOBBY: The Ultimate Antidote to Modern Life


When our lives are packed full of stresses and responsibilities, taking on something new might be the last thing on your mind – but it might be the best thing for you.

So much of what we do is goal oriented. Whether its study, work, or getting from one end of the day to the other, we always seem to be reaching for something. For the competitive among us, spending time doing something with no prize or endpoint may well seem meaningless, but doing something for the simple joy of it can have a profound impact on our wellbeing. It might be that you end up more productive – but that’s just the bonus prize. 

A hobby is the ultimate antidote to modern life - for example photography.

We all know now that meditation is a fantastic tool to find some peace, but you know, and hour or so doing any activity that makes you feel good is going to give you some great headspace.

When things get fraught, we can find ourselves willing our mind to empty so we can get this or that done. But unfortunately, try as we might, we can’t think the mind into doing anything – its like lying in bed and willing yourself to sleep… if that’s ever worked for you then you are one lucky person! So instead of thinking of your new hobby as another thing on the to-do list, another addition to the brain jumble, remember that it is actively helping you cope. In fact, you could say it crosses itself off the list gratis, and takes another chore or two with it!

Now what to choose as a hobby?

If you have decided you want to start something new but are unsure what, have a think about what kind of activities give you a sense of satisfaction, excitement or relaxation. You may be a hands on person who likes making things (some great suggestions here) – sculpting, knitting (I’ve heard this book is a winner for getting started), kneading bread and baking. Maybe you’re a tech-head who loves to make new machines out of old bits and pieces – show us your robots! Cooking? You either love it or hate it (I love it, plus, bonus prize alert – you get to eat it!). Perhaps its something outdoorsy (huge personal recommendation for this fantastic book that teaches some wonderful life lessons), or something artistic like dance or painting. Self expression doesn’t come naturally to everyone at first, but it can be really healing once you get into it. Our dance courses are perfect for easing yourself into things without the pressure of a class or a teacher watching you!

You need a hobby - find one at Colomba

Life can be a real slog. The drudgery, the routine, the monotony – it gets to us all sometimes, especially now the big wide world of possibilities isn’t so easily accessed. We are so glad that Colomba has been able to offer you a few of those possibilities online, so that you can enrich your life from home. Our courses are on demand, so stitching your new hobby into the rich tapestry of your life couldn’t be easier! 

We would love the Colomba community to add to the conversation and share their hobbies to inspire others, so get onto our socials and spread the hobbyist love for a chance to win one of our online courses. Post a photo of your hobby and tag @colombaonline on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and be sure to include #UndullWithColomba

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8 thoughts on “YOU NEED A HOBBY: The Ultimate Antidote to Modern Life

  1. I think your post is spot on. In these hectic times, where stress levels are so high, it is important to have ways to regain peace and find happiness and a hobby is a perfect solution. The Wild Art Journaling sounds like a great hobby.

  2. These are some amazing tips! My hobby was always music. I loved it so much that I turned it into my career – but now I find that it’s hard to separate my job from my passion. I need a new hobby! Thank you for this post!

    1. I totally get this. I am now very stubborn about making sure all my new hobbies are just that! Good luck 🙂

  3. Great tips!!! I’m always looking for a new hobby to help me shake off the stress of everyday life, Thanks :))

    1. Let us know when you find it 🙂

  4. YES! I am 46 and only recently realized that I had let all of my hobbies go! I am certain this played a role in my mental breakdown a few years ago. Now that I have made play a priority life feels so much brighter and bigger. Love thist post!

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