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5 Ways to Embed the Magic of Play Into Your Everyday Life

Bring play into your life every day. Woman happy in confetti

When each day easily feels like the last, play can act as a powerful tool, bringing joy, intrigue and inspiration into our everyday lives. From rediscovering your local area, to losing yourself in the recesses of your own colourful imagination – here are five ways you can brighten up your days through the magic of…

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MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND A HAPPIER NEW YEAR: How Can We Give DifferentlyThis Festive Season?


As this life-changing year draws to a close, perhaps it’s time, for logistical; economical; environmental; and humanitarian reasons, to think about how we can give Christmas gifts in a new way – and make sure this new world, is a better one.

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RITUAL: The Small Acts of Reverence That Change Us

coffee cup, book and little plant

From our very beginnings, ritual has been an integral part of human life. Evidence of purification, gift giving, rites and sacrifice can be found in every culture, spanning thousands of years. Nowadays we largely tend to find less gory ways to connect with a higher power (whatever that means to us personally) but however small…

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