Hiba Binz

Hiba is the founder and director of Colomba. She has extensive experience in arts education, as well as events organisation and management. Through Colomba, Hiba hopes to bring together her varied interests and skills. A common thread in all of Hiba’s projects is community building and forming meaningful connections with others.

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Nicky Davin voice coach Colomba

Nicky Davin

Teacher, former Drama Academy Principal and wild swimmer Nicky Davin works with both with children and adults. She is a huge advocate of creative subjects particularly, drama and theatre, as the benefits of being involved in this subject aren’t just about acting but have a bigger social impact.

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Ballet Instructor

Maeve McGreevy

Based in Ireland, award winning dance artist Maeve expertise ranges from ballet to contemporary, and tango to folklore.

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Moyra Scott

Artist, painter and teacher, Moyra Scott is the creator of Wild Art Journaling™ and Wild Painting™

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Qigong Instructor

Michael MacBean

In his exploration of the Internal Arts, Michael has been studying Qigong and Tai Chi alongside Buddhist and Daoist meditation. His teaching focuses on pathing the way to a healthy mind by developing the body and the breath to support the self and allow personal development to grow.

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Lia Burge Rogers

Writer, actress and poet Lia is an ever curious creative with a keen interest in health and wellbeing which comes in super handy as she researches, writes and shares her ideas and insights with the Colomba community.

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Lorna V writer performer at Colomba

Lorna V

Award-winning writer, educator, performer, Lorna V writes for Colomba on mind body and soul fused with psychology and mental health.

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Carrie Towers

Carrie is a very enthusiastic, happy and self-motivated individual who loves a challenge. She keeps Colomba organised and in top order!

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