Lorna V

Lorna V writer performer at Colomba

Lorna V is an award-winning writer, educator, performer. She recently completed her MSc in Creative Arts and Mental Health at Queen Mary University of London, following a career in lifestyle-wellbeing journalism and writing three books for Psychologies Magazine.

Lorna’s journalism is driven by curiosity about why we are the way we are – and how we can improve our lives so that we can thrive. Her writing workshops are heavily influenced by self-development and spirituality. She seeks to inspire the confidence to write and to ignite a drive to communicate one’s soul purpose (whether that’s comedy and entertainment or an activist mission).

As a writer-performer straddling comedy and drama she creates female personas who are triumphing over their circumstances, whether they are irreverent and larger than life, or timid and understated. Though she came to acting late, it was her childhood dream.

Lorna was born in Britain to Greek Cypriot parents and lived in Famagusta, Cyprus as a child until the war in 1974 when they lost their home and their beloved town by the sea.

Lorna is thrilled to contribute to the Colomba community writing on mind body and soul fused with psychology and mental health.

See Lorna’s artices on the Colomba blog here.