Maeve McGreevy

Ballet Instructor

Maeve is a dance artist based in Ireland whose practices range from ballet to contemporary, and tango to folklore. She has never been great at sitting still……she started out with Irish dance as a child, watched endless Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly movies, copied routines from onscreen musicals in her living room (favourites were ‘Cats’ and ‘West Side Story’), began her formal dance training in Belfast Metropolitan College, moved on to the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, and finally came to London Contemporary Dance School where she received the Charlotte Kirkpatrick Award for Exceptional Potential as a Dance Artist and graduated in 2016 with a First Class BA (hons) in Contemporary Dance.

Since graduating she has still not learned how to stay put……as a freelance artist she is lucky to work with several companies as a dancer and teacher including Moxie Brawl (London), Maiden Voyage (Belfast), Tango Fever (London), Caminando Tango (Belfast), and is also able to facilitate her own classes and projects in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe.

Whether teaching, dancing or choreographing, Maeve enjoys the essence of collaboration. She regularly works with Belfast musician and filmmaker Tom Hughes for local commissions, maintains friendships and creative relationships with her LCDS peers across the globe, invites teachers from the international stage to offer classes and performances in UK&Ireland, and seeks out mentors for projects and ideas she wishes to realise. In a true collaborative relationship, she feels that the learning process is one of the most incredible gifts artists can share with one another.

On occasion where she comes upon moments of stillness, Maeve enjoys writing letters, listening to her cat purr, hugging a hot water bottle, being by the sea, being in the sea, looking up at the stars, reading the poems of W.B.Yeats, and asking people a lot of questions about anything and everything!

One of her favourite questions since childhood being, “Why?”, Maeve’s curious nature emerges in classes through interest in the details of movement which helps open doors to a more thorough understanding of how we move and the intention behind our actions. Coupled with the belief that everyone can dance and ought to have the opportunity to try if they wish, she looks to create a focussed yet fun atmosphere in dance spaces she is fortunate to share with others in person and online.

See Maeve’s Ballet Basics Course here.