Moyra Scott

Moyra Scott is a painter and teacher, creator of Wild Art Journaling™ and Wild Painting™

She lives in a tiny cottage in Brighton and loves to put her feet in the sea and gaze at the horizon.  She is a yogi and a mother and as well as painting she loves to make salads!

Wild Art Journaling™ is her own signature method she created to be able to immerse herself and get into her creative flow at her tiny brighton cottage where there wasn’t enough space to paint large canvases.  It is her go to creative practice that allows her to really express herself, process her thoughts and emotions and find the expansive happy place that is creative flow.

Moyra begain teaching because she knew how happy her process made her, and wanted to share her ‘happy place’ with others who might also get the same benefit and love it as much as she does.  The Wild Art Journaling™ is liberating because it is never about being “good” at art.  The only criteria of success is that you enjoy doing it.

“I believe that everyone is creative, and that discovering and allowing that creativity out to play, is life changingly good.  You do not need to be “good” at art to benefit.  In fact I do not believe in “good” or “bad” art at all.  Only did you enjoy the process.  Art is something that colours are life in.  Yes we can survive without it but our SOUL is fed by its existence.  Art matters.  Art is a human need.”