Nicky Davin

Nicky Davin voice coach Colomba

Nicky Davin is a teacher, former Drama Academy Principal, and wild swimmer.

Nicky is a huge advocate of creative subjects and the myriad of skills they equip one with in all aspects of everyday life.

She believes that drama and theatre, in particular, have an invaluable part to play in society and are not just about ‘acting.’ She works with children, instilling in them a love of Drama, English Literature and Language; and with adults who’ve lost their confidence when speaking in front of people. Using vocal techniques and confidence-building exercises, she helps them to network, socialise, give keynote or wedding speeches, pitch, interview, and hold meetings with ease.

Nicky has just started a new business Libertipix, with her partner. It’s the world’s only exclusive and authentic LGBTQ+ stock photo agency, working with brands to support and increase diversity and inclusive imagery.

Nicky believes that everyone can have a powerful and confident voice, they just need the right support and tools to get themselves out there and be heard.

Nicky’s on-demand online course Harness Your Voice and Become a Confident Speaker is available on Colomba now.