Ballet Basics

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“I wish I had gone to ballet lessons as a child”, “I find dance studios so intimidating”, “I have two left feet”, “I’m too XYZ to start now”, “I wish I had kept up my lessons when I was 10…”

Sound familiar?

Ballet Basics is an introductory course, designed to open the door to the world of pliés and port de bras, to those that want to try ballet at home – either for the first time as beginners, or to refresh and re-invigorate. And the great thing about this course? (aside from the expert tuition and beautiful production) If you’re feeling apprehensive about trying something new – you can practice anytime, in the comfort of your own home, until you’re ready to let loose on the dancefloor.

Learning this classic, elegant dance is a great way to gain confidence and improve your posture, alignment, coordination and balance. It’s a fantastic full-body workout. You will increase your fitness whilst looking after yourself, so you can grow stronger and more self-assured. Ballet Basics will allow you to find comfort and ease in your body, giving you the freedom to enjoy and express yourself.

“Freedom to a dancer means discipline. That is what technique is for – liberation.” – Martha Graham

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What you will learn

  • Introduction to basic ballet terms and body positions
  • Develop correct technique, alignment and posture
  • Perform each move with confidence – both at the barre and centre
  • Warm up and cool down effectively
  • Be ready to participate in basic group Ballet classes
  • Feel more confident with your body, improve your posture, coordination and balance

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Ballet classes for beginners

The course includes:

  •   Over 70 minutes on-demand video
  •     11 lessons
  •   2 downloadable resources
  •   Full lifetime access

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Warm-up
  • Pliés
  • Battement Tendu
  • Battement Glisse
  • Rond De Jambe
  • Battement Fondu
  • Leg Swings and Barre Stretch
  • Port De Bras
  • Centre Sequence
  • Reverence and Cool Down


In these expertly produced on-demand online tutorials, you’ll learn the ballet basics, with an emphasis on developing the correct technique, whilst enjoying yourself.

In a series of easy-to-navigate chapters, Maeve McGreevy, your ballet instructor, will take you through the basic classical terminology and essential body positions. Each lesson will build on the exercises and movements of the last. You can replay each one and practice as many times as you like.

The course begins with a guided warm up. At the end Maeve will give you cool down exercises to make sure you are looking after your body, so make sure you go through these each time you dip into the rest of the material. Ballet Basics covers both barre and centre movements. By the time you’ve completed the chapters, you’ll be able to dance your way through a simple sequence, also included in the course

No special equipment is required, so don’t worry if you haven’t got all the ballet paraphernalia. All you need is a basic chair and some comfortable clothes you can move in. As for your feet, just a pair of socks or simple soft ballet shoes is all you need!

And if you’re still thinking “Ballet? Me?” Read this for 5 Reasons to Try Ballet Today.

FAQs - Ballet Basics

How late is too late to start learning ballet?

Simply put, never. It is never too late to start learning ballet. This classical dance may be something that top professionals start at a very early age, but it’s a technique that can benefit every age and body-type. Don’t be put off by a creaky hip or a ‘big’ birthday coming up – there is so much to gain from this precise, conscious embodiment – there is freedom of expression and fun to be found at the barre!

What are the basic positions in ballet?

You may already know that ballet terminology is taken from the French language. These are the seven basic movements:

  • Plier (to bend) Étendre (to stretch)
  • Relever (to rise)
  • Glisser (to slide or glide)
  • Sauter (to jump)
  • Élancer (to dart)
  • Tourner (to turn)

You also have the five basic positions:

First Position: Standing with heels together and toes facing out to either side. The feet and legs are equally turned out.

Second Position: Similar to first position, but with the feet about hip distance apart.

Third Position: To get to third position, you’d start in first and move the heel of one foot out to the middle of the other. Legs are straight, with feet and legs turned out equally.

Fourth Position: One foot in front of the other, about a foot’s distance apart, lining up the heel of the front foot with the toes of the back foot.

Fifth Position: The feet are close together, one in front of the other and turned out, away from the body.

What do I have to wear for ballet?

Nothing fancy (unless you fancy it) – you just want something comfortable that you can move freely in – joggers, leggings, pyjamas… And you might want to have a layer or two handy, to keep you nice and toasty as you warm up and cool down.

What can I use instead of a ballet barre at home?

Your make-shift ballet barre wants to be more or less elbow height – you can use a counter-top or a table, but most people just use a simple chair to begin with.

3 reviews for Ballet Basics

  1. Sarah

    Wonderful course. I’m a complete beginner and found it well paced and easy to follow. You learn the terminology as well as the movements. It feels like the instructor is in the room with you.

  2. Lorraine Kemp (verified owner)

    This is an excellent course. I am a complete beginner to ballet and found it easy to understand and to follow. Maeve explains everything so well and demonstrates it so clearly. It is great to have this course to study and practice at your own pace. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

  3. Mary Wu (verified owner)

    I was the little girl who quit ballet class because I was too self conscious. This course allowed me, as an adult, to return to that dream and indulge a little bit. The added benefit of an on-demand course allowed me to learn and develop confidence in the privacy of my home in my own schedule, as well as repeat parts as much as I want. I hope to join in live group classes when they will be possible again. And as a tango dancer, this course revealed aspects of ‘grounding’ to me that I had been searching for. An added bonus!

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Course instructor

Ballet Instructor

Maeve McGreevy

Based in Ireland, award winning dance artist Maeve expertise ranges from ballet to contemporary, and tango to folklore.

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