Harness Your Voice and Become a Confident Speaker

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It’s time to overcome your fear of public speaking

Ever felt that dry-mouthed, tongue-tied shaky feeling as you stand up to speak in front of people? Or that crushing mix of happiness and trepidation when you’re asked to be Best Man or Maid of Honour? Whether it’s a daily meeting over the phone, a life-changing key-note address, or an important social occasion – we want to help you conquer your fears, present yourself with authority and ease, and enjoy your voice.

This expertly produced course will provide practical solutions to the anxieties and phobias that are holding you back. Your instructor Nicky Davin (who was once herself just as nervous as you) will guide you through a whole host of fun, tried-and-tested exercises to turn even the shyest among us, into confident, compelling and powerful speakers.

According to one study, a fear of public speaking or ‘glossophobia’ was ranked to be a more pressing concern than death! So, you’re not alone, but now you have Harness Your Voice and Become a Confident Public Speaker at your fingertips – and the best part is, you don’t have to do the public bit until you’re ready. This course is online and on-demand. Work at your pace, in the comfort of your own home.

‘Practice, and all is coming’ – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

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What you will learn

  • Introduction to how to use the voice
  • Warm up and cool down exercises
  • Diaphragmatic breathing exercises
  • Exercises to strengthen the voice
  • A breakdown of 10 different areas which will support you: breath work, body language, articulation, projection, volume, pace, pitch, tone, emphasis and pause
  • Feel more confident when speaking in different situations
  • How to use the voice to get your personality across
  • Have fun and gain confidence to come across as an expert in your field

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The course includes:

  •   Over 70 minutes on-demand video
  •     9 lessons
  •   1 downloadable resources
  •   Full lifetime access

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Warm-up and Warm-Down
  • Body Language – Posture and Facial Expression
  • Pronunciation and Articulation
  • Projection and Volume
  • Pace
  • Pitch and Tone
  • Emphasis and Pause
  • Putting it All Together


Over the course of 8 online tutorials, you will learn to harness your voice using breath, body language and vocal techniques honed by instructor Nicky Davin’s years of diverse experience.

Think of vocal delivery as the scaffolding that holds your intention. Vocal training leads to a freedom that will allow you to have an effortless confidence in your voice, no matter what life throws at you. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training, so why would you give a speech without working on your voice? The great thing is, the more you practice at home, the easier it will feel out there. Before long, it will become second nature and you won’t have to worry anymore.

The lessons will work through ten different areas of support, strengthening your physical technique, as well as introducing tips and exercises to help you on an emotional level. You’ll learn how to fully integrate your voice and put your personality across, letting go of nervous baggage.

You’ll work through the course with a poem, ‘The Voice’, coming back to it at various points to add the layers of the techniques you’ve learnt. Recording your reading of it at the beginning and after the final lesson and comparing the positive improvement.

Each session includes a warm up and warm down, and is designed to be fun and supportive. Public speaking isn’t so bad after all, you’ll see!

FAQs - Harness Your Voice and Become a Confident Speaker

Why is public speaking important?

We are social animals, no way around it. No matter how brilliant you are at your job, how expert in your field, how brilliant a friend and mentor – the way in which you present yourself in public will always leave the greatest impression. By investing in your voice, you are investing in yourself, and making sure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Who can benefit from a voice training course?

Anyone! Even the more confident among us can go to pieces under public pressure. A vocal training course is an invaluable foundation. The techniques and exercises you learn will carry you throughout your life, and help you in a multitude of situations, from workplace presentations to wedding speeches.

What is the best way to practice public speaking in order to see results?

The best way to practice public speaking, is to practice. On your own; to the cat; to the committee. The stronger your foundation, the harder it will be to knock you off balance.

I am not a native English speaker; is this course suitable for me?

Absolutely. This course isn’t as much about technical language as technical expression. You might even want to try some of the exercises in your native language too and see how it feels different. We encourage you to experiment and play.

2 reviews for Harness Your Voice and Become a Confident Speaker

  1. Rene Hellemons

    As a dance teacher I thought that I was used to public speaking, and that I did rather well already. 

    But by taking Nicky’s course I’ve discovered that I didn’t know as much as I thought, and that I could improve my public speaking so much more. Towards the end of this course I feel a completely different person speaking in public. And I’m so much better in getting my message across.


Her classes are fun, and a whole new world will open up. I highly recommend it!

  2. Dominika Cazamea (verified owner)

    I’ve always felt lacking in confidence in using my voice, so I took the course to get better at everyday speaking and presenting at work meetings. I was really impressed with how much the course packs in! There’s lots of practical advice that’s easy to apply in everyday speaking and the course touches on many aspects of using the voice I hadn’t previously considered. It has definitely increased my confidence and taught me how to use my voice more effectively and interestingly. Best of all, it wasn’t a chore and was actually a lot of fun to follow in my own time. I know I will come back to it again and again for a refresher but I already feel miles ahead from where I was. Thank you Colomba! 

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Course instructor

Nicky Davin voice coach Colomba

Nicky Davin

Teacher, former Drama Academy Principal and wild swimmer Nicky Davin works with both with children and adults. She is a huge advocate of creative subjects particularly, drama and theatre, as the benefits of being involved in this subject aren’t just about acting but have a bigger social impact.

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