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Wild Art Journaling is for anyone and everyone – artists and non-artists – looking for a bit of inspiration. Relax, unwind and create without the pressure to ‘produce’ anything.

This is not your everyday art class, but you can do it every day! No drawing or painting ability is required. This is a transformative, freeform practice – a great way to combat anxiety and look after your mental health. The fantastic Moyra Scott will guide you in, and show you how to start, so you can explore, get inspired, and get unstuck.

Wild Art Journaling takes a layered approach – it’s about finding your flow. Trust your intuition. Respond to your creative impulses in the moment. Give yourself permission to immerse yourself, get messy, and let go. The benefits of allowing that space to play, are endless. How often do we get to let loose – paint, write, draw and create for the sake of creation, and nothing else?

When we learn to free things up a bit, all sorts of wonderful things can come rushing in – as if by magic. This course will give you the ideas and encouragement you need to ignite (or re-ignite) your unique and boundless creativity. We can’t wait to hear how you get on.

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What you will learn

  • Free up creatively as you make art without attachment to the outcome
  • Find your way into a calm, meditative space.
  • Break out of your mould and expand your creative boundaries
  • Clear out your busy mind and learn to trust your intuition
  • Generate ideas, solve challenges and get innovative.
  • Let go of judgement
  • Feel totally grounded, present and alive – bringing joy back into your life

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Wild art journaling

The course includes:

  •   Over 70 minutes on-demand video
  •     18 lessons
  •   1 downloadable resource
  •   Full lifetime access

Course content

  • What is Wild Art Journaling?
  • How I started Wild Art Journaling
  • Example of Wild Art Journaling
  • What you need for Wild Art Journaling
  • Overview – What we will do
  • Introduction to meditation and free writing
  • Meditation
  • Free writing
  • Gesso
  • Magazine
  • Colours
  • Line drawing
  • Another layer of magazine
  • Another layer of gesso
  • Another layer of colour
  • Words
  • Use up your paints
  • Final thoughts


As you can probably guess, there are no rules in these lessons! But here is a little more about what to expect from our fabulous Wild Art Journaling Course:

  • 8 online, on-demand video tutorials that you can access anytime, anywhere – for life.
  • An introduction to meditation and free-writing
  • How to combine writing and pictures
  • Learn to access the creative part of your mind
  • Techniques to keep you present, and bring a little joy back into your life.
  • Line drawing, colours, magazines, gesso, paint!
  • Activities that free up creativity, so you can make art without attachment to the outcome
  • Collage, painting, sketching, writing and more – helping you to break out of the box, expanding your creative boundaries
  • Learn to go with your gut instinct and trust your intuition
  • Learn to let go of judgement
  • Open the door to infinite possibilities
  • Generate ideas, confront challenges, solve problems and get innovative, without even thinking about it

Your instructor Moyra Scott created this course to let people into her ‘happy place.’ It all started because she couldn’t fit big canvasses into her cottage, but it’s ended up becoming an integral, transformative part of her life. She hopes it will do the same for you.

FAQs - Wild Art Journaling

What do you write in an art journal?

Whatever comes out! Literally anything you like – anything you feel – the idea is that you write intuitively, without judgement.

What is the purpose of wild art journaling?

To relax and unwind. To meditate. To free yourself from the shackles of ‘good’ art and making things as a means to an end. There is no end with Wild Art Journaling – just a sprawling, creative flow. When you access that flow, that’s when the inspiration and creativity might come in for all the other things you ‘should’ be doing!

Can I take the course if I am not an artist or do not know how to draw?

Yes, yes, yes. This is a course for non-artists and artists alike. It doesn’t matter how ‘bad’ you are at drawing (or writing, for that matter). Wild Art Journaling is for everyone.

What materials do I need for this course?

You can art journal with anything to be honest, but to do the layering you will need some acrylic paint. You’ll also need a sketchbook – the paper should be nice and sturdy – along with some glue, old magazines, old rags, anything you have lying around to make a start with!

3 reviews for Wild Art Journaling

  1. Happy customer

    Allow Moyra to guide (you) into a world of lines, squiggles, splodges, words, colours, dreams, meditations, visions, and doodles, which somehow get transported onto the pages in ways totally unique to each person, which is a wonder and a delight. There were no right or wrongs although I made many happy mistakes. If you are uninspired, bored or stuck, or lively, inspired and raring to go: come, – it’s not to be missed!

  2. Magdalena

    What I love the most about the wild art journaling process is “not having any rules to follow”!

    A very liberating process off letting go of expectation and perfectionism .

    It enables me to tap into my inner child by exploring , experimenting and expressing anything I wish, from feelings, emotions, plans, goals to my current mood without judgment.

    It’s easy, it’s fun and therapeutic.

  3. David Darab (verified owner)

    This course rekindled my artistic spirit! Being able to create art in such a simple manner has helped to inspire me to create even more!
    The course materials, videos and instructor are wonderful too!
    Give it a try…promise you will be inspired!
    Keep Smiling!

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Course instructor

Moyra Scott

Artist, painter and teacher, Moyra Scott is the creator of Wild Art Journaling™ and Wild Painting™

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